I have two business philosophies:

  1. Web based technologies and globalization are fundamentally changing our industry in profound ways. Operating costs continue to rise while downward pressure on revenue continues. To survive and more importantly thrive, every business decision must be made with an eye towards reducing costs and creating more efficiency.
  2. Every situation is unique. While the industry's goals and objectives may be the same, the actionable strategies developed for one client may be different for another. Success requires commitment plus an appreciation for the organization's culture, behavior, business processes and resources (human as well as financial).

With 25 years experience working hands on at virtually every level within the industry, from the smallest local firms to the largest global players, I've seen a lot. Regardless of the issue or situation, I know what works and what doesn't. My core competencies, past successes and lessons learned are invaluable to those firms seeking to get to the next level.

My Areas of Expertise: Strategy; Interim Leadership; Organizational Assessment; Staff Assessment; Organizational Development; Business Planning; Operations Audit; Operations Support; Business Process Improvements; Technology Infrastructure; Custom Application Development and Product Management.

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Finn Johnson

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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